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Desktop Video News #001: Buying Your First Digital Camcorder
April 09, 2004

Welcome to this week's edition of Desktop Video News. This week, we'll cover tips on buying your first digital camcorder. There's also a guide on choosing the best VCD and DVD authoring tools, plus a review of Ulead MediaStudio Pro. We round off with an article on the best video editing programs in the market.

In This Issue

Buying Your First Digital Camcorder
Buying your first digital camcorder. How to find the best deal among the many cameras out there.

Top 10 Digital Camcorders under $600
Top 10 digital camcorders for those on a tight budget.

Choosing VCD or DVD Authoring Software
A brief guide to buying the best VCD and DVD authoring software.

Ulead Media Studio Pro 7
A review of Media Studio Pro, a professional video editing software package from Ulead Systems.

Top 7 Video Editing Software Programs for Beginners
Information on 7 great video editing software programs that are suitable for beginners.

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Tip of The Week

One tip that I've picked up while shooting family vacations is to always, always look for a landmark, a sign or natural monument that tells the audience where you are. Do you notice the professionals do this as well? For example, in the movies, you may see the camera zooming in on the Statue of Liberty first, before cutting to a scene that happens within. Or there is a shot of the White House before the director cuts into a scene within the Oval Room. Another tip is to make the people you're filming talk or smile. This makes the whole video much more lively and interesting.

Cool Site of The Week
This is a great digital video website with tons of tips and articles. I really like the 'Techniques' section which has various tips for adding video editing effects seen only in Hollywood movies.

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