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Desktop Video News #017: A Guide To Selecting A Computer For Digital Video Editing
August 30, 2005

Welcome to this week's edition of Desktop Video News. This week, we'll look at some tips on buying a computer for video editing, as well as the top 5 DVD burners in the market. Fans of Pinnacle Studio will enjoy the review of Pinnacle Studio Plus 9 we've included, plus we've a short how-to on burning VCDs with Nero Buring ROM. Finally, there's a scoop of the top 5 super compact digital video cameras which you can bring along for that vacation.

In This Issue

A guide to selecting a computer for digital video editing A guide to buying a computer for digital video editing. Learn how to choose a quality desktop or laptop system.

Top 5 DVD Burners
Information and stats on the 5 most popular DVD burners on the market.

Pinnacle Studio Plus 9 software review This article provides a review of Pinnacle Studio Plus 9, a video editing software.

How to Burn VCD Discs using Nero Burning ROM
Simple guide on how to burn VCDs using Nero Burning ROM.

Top 5 Super Compact Digital Video Cameras
Review of several compact video camcorders. Their puny size make them ideal for travel and sporting events.

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Tip of The Week

Here's one of my favorites video shooting tips for vacations. Most points of interest have a sign or monument. I like to frame a wide angle shot that includes the sign in a corner of the video. Then I zoom all the way into the sign. I roll for about 5 seconds, then slowly zoom out and pan. It takes some practice to get it fluid, but once you master the technique you can use it over and over.

Cool Site of The Week

How Video Editing Works
I stumbled on this excellent site recently. The content here explains from end-to-end, everything you should know about the art of editing video. Using examples from Adobe Premiere, you will learn about capturing video, timelines, transitions, background music and lots more. Definitely worth checking out.
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