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Desktop Video News #019: Top 5 Super Compact Digital Video Cameras
September 13, 2005

Welcome to this week's edition of The Digital Photographer. This week, we have some nice articles. You'll learn about taking unique shots of common subjects, as well as how to choose a tripod. Those of you having trouble printing good photos can learn a tip or two about color management. There's also a review of the powerful Olympus Evolt E300 and a scoop of the top 7 superzoom digital cameras in the market. Happy reading!

In This Issue

How to take unique shots of common subjects Use these tricks to make your photos of common subjects more unique.

Learn how to choose a tripod for your digital camera This article provides you some tips on selecting a good tripod for your digital camera.

A list of color management tips for better quality printouts Learn how to manage colors for better quality photo printouts.

A review of the Olympus Evolt E300 digital SLR camera Provides an in-depth Olympus Evolt E300 review. The Olympus Evolt E300 is a top tier digital SLRs from Olympus.

Top 7 superzoom digital cameras My comparison of the top 7 superzoom cameras available for those who need optical zooms of 10X or more.

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Tip of The Week

Here's a good tip for shooting inside a cathedral - avoid using the flash. Using the flash simply ruins the mood of the cathedral interior. Gold objects, such as candlesticks and ornaments, will create annoying highlights that will distract from the overall scene.

Cool Site of The Week

The Plug-In Site
If you use Adobe Photoshop a lot, you'll know the power of Photoshop filters. This website contains a collection of useful free Photoshop filters for executing common photo enhancements and manipulations. The set comprises an excellent quick Black and White converter for dramatic atmospheric landscapes, and a series of more advanced filters for helping solve troublesome histograms.

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