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Desktop Video News #020: Top 5 DVD Burners
September 28, 2005

Welcome to this week's edition of Desktop Video News. This week, we've included a scoop of the top 5 DVD burners for burning those movies. There's also a review of Pinnacle Studio Plus 9, as well as a guide to buying VCD and DVD authoring software. We've also got some video shooting tips For those interested in making better quality videos. Finally, there is a guide on capturing video into your computer for those who might have problems in this area.

In This Issue

Top 5 DVD burners
Information and stats on the 5 most popular DVD burners on the market.

Pinnacle Studio Plus 9 software review
This article provides a review of Pinnacle Studio Plus 9, a video editing software.

A guide to selecting and buying VCD and DVD authoring software
A brief guide to buying the best VCD and DVD authoring software.

Guidelines for shooting video
Tips to improve the quality of your video shoots. How to get the best sound and lighting in your videos.

How to capture video into your computer
Guide to using a Firewire card or analog-to-digital conversion device to capture video into your computer.

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Tip of The Week

Ever wonder how you can attach a microphone to your digital camcorder? There are basically three ways to do this: by wire, wirelessly, or through an accessory, a hot or an intelligent shoe

Using a wired microphone is simple and very common, but wires can sometimes get cumbersome. The wireless option is good because you do away with wires, but you may then run into problems like errant radio signals or running out of batteries. The hot shoe option allows you to add a better microphone to your camera and does not require additional batteries or wires.

Whichever option you choose, remember that quality sound improves a production tremendously. So I'd definitely recommend you look into microphones if you want to film a professional video.

An Easy Way to Create Home Videos

Muvee AutoProducer is an award-winning automatic video production tool. If you simply want to transform your video footage into a slick DVD production with minimal fuss, then this tool is perfect. I usually use AutoProducer if I'm short on time and need to rush out a DVD quickly without much custom editing. Definitely worth checking out.

Cool Site of The Week
This website is run by Adam J. Wilt and contains a massive amount of information related to digital video. Don't be deceived by the plain looking main page - this is one of the most comprehensive directories on video information on the Internet. Do check it out, especially the first link on the DV FAQ. Excellent stuff.

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