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Desktop Video News #021: A Review of Adobe Premiere Elements
October 04, 2005

Welcome to this week's edition of Desktop Video News. This week, we've some nice articles for you. First up is a review of Adobe Premiere Elements, which is a lite version of the full-fledge Adobe Premiere product. You'll find tips on choosing a camcorder, as well as burning VCDs with Nero Burning ROM. Professional videographers would be interested in the list of top 10 3-CCD camcorders we've provided. Finally, we include some tips on how you can share your video with friends and family.

In This Issue

Adobe Premiere Elements software review
A review of Adobe Premiere Elements, the latest video editing software suite from Adobe Systems.

How to buy your first digital camcorder
Buying your first digital camcorder. How to find the best deal among the many cameras out there.

Burn VCD discs using Nero Burning ROM
Simple guide on how to burn VCDs using Nero Burning ROM.

Top 10 3-CCD camcorders
My comparison of the top 3-CCD cameras available for serious videographers and budding filmmakers.

Share your videos with others
How to show your videos to everyone you know. Options for converting and outputting video to various formats.

For more articles, be sure to visit

Tip of The Week

Here are some sound effect tricks I picked up from friends in the film making world - do try them out! You can simulate various types of sound by following these simple instructions.
  • Breaking bones: Snap carrots or celery in half. Fruit and vegetables can be used to produce many disgusting sounds.
  • Buzzing insect: Wrap wax paper tightly around a comb, place your lips so that they are just barely touching the paper, and hum so that the wax paper makes a buzzing sound.
  • Fire: Crumple cellophane or wax paper to simulate the sound of a crackling fire.
  • Footsteps: Hold two shoes and tap the heels together, followed by the toes. Experiment with different shoe types for different sounds. This may take some practice to get the timing of each footstep just right.
  • Gravel or snow: Use cat litter to simulate the sound of walking through snow or gravel.

Interesting stuff huh? The next time you're watchin a movie, think of how they did those effects :)

A Top-Notch Video Editing Program

If you're looking for a full-fledged video editing package at a reasonable price, then Ulead VideoStudio is your answer. I've always known Ulead to produce top-notch video software and VideoStudio is no exception.

This software allows you to turn home videos into professional looking productions with ease. For the more advanced user, there are more than 1000 customizable transitions, titles and special effects to play with. You can also cut those movies onto DVD, CD, tape and other media to share with friends and family. Highly recommended.

Cool Site of The Week

Adobe Digital Kids Club
If you're looking for tips and tricks on Adobe Premiere, then you should check out Adobe's Digital Kids Club website. There is so much useful content here that I literally sat at my computer for hours, just sifting through tips. Do check it out and get some expert insights into digital video concepts.

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