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Desktop Video News #023: How To Choose Firewire Cards For Video Capture
October 18, 2005

Welcome to this week's edition of Desktop Video News. This week, we've got a guide on choosing Firewire cards, a review of Ulead MediaStudio Pro, as well as a scoop of the top 5 DVD burners in the market. Video editors will want to read the tips on video editing and the guide to buying digital video equipment. Enjoy the newsletter!

In This Issue

How to choose Firewire cards for video capture
Takes you through the main considerations to think about before buying a Firewire card.

Ulead Media Studio Pro 7 software review
A review of Ulead MediaStudio Pro 7, a leading video editing suite from Ulead Systems.

Top 5 DVD burners
Information and stats on the 5 most popular DVD burners on the market.

Edit your videos and add special effects
Guide to editing your videos to add special effects and a soundtrack.

A guide to selecting and buying the best digital video equipment
A guide to buying digital video equipment. Learn how to select digital camcorders, video editing hardware and software.

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Tip of The Week

If you've been trying your hand at editing video clips captured from your camcorder, you'll soon realize that you need to understand transitions.

Essentially, when you import your captured camcorder video into the PC, what you get is a whole lot of movie clips. Usually a good program like Ulead VideoStudio or Pinnacle Studio Plus will organize and chop up the movie clips into manageable sections.

What you need to do as a video editor is to apply transition effects to those clips, so that we get a nice cut between scenes. Here are the three common kind of transitions that video editors use:

Straight cut: This is where Scene A moves directly into Scene B without much fuss. Boring but workable.

Wipe: In this transition effect, you move from Scene A to Scene B by wiping the screen from left to right, top to bottom, or which ever direction you wish.

3D: Some products (like the Hollywood FX plug-in for Pinnacle Studio) feature interesting 3D effects. One example is the entire screen wrapping up into a little box and then zipping out of the viewable screen area.

Understanding transition effects is key to good video editing and is something you should try to pick up.

Cool Site of The Week is a great new web service that aims to 'make video publishing on the Internet' as easy as frying an egg. With video blogging starting to get popular, I won't be surprised if such sites take off really, really fast. You should definitely have a look at it.

A Top-Notch Video Editing Program

If you're looking for a full-fledged video editing package at a reasonable price, then Ulead VideoStudio is your answer. I've always known Ulead to produce top-notch video software and VideoStudio is no exception.

This software allows you to turn home videos into professional looking productions with ease. For the more advanced user, there are more than 1000 customizable transitions, titles and special effects to play with. You can also cut those movies onto DVD, CD, tape and other media to share with friends and family. Highly recommended.

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