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Desktop Video News #027: Top 7 Video Editing Software Programs for Beginners
November 22, 2005

Welcome to this week's edition of Desktop Video News. This week, we look at the top 7 video editing programs for beginners, as well as some fundamentals of camera movement. You can also find a review of Adobe Premiere Elements software. Enjoy the newsletter!

Featured Articles

Top 7 Video Editing Software Programs for Beginners
Video editing software allows you to add special effects to a movie you've captured. If you want to add titles to that wedding you taped, or remove unwanted scenes from your son's birthday party movie, you can do it with a video editing program ... read more

The Fundamentals of Camera Movement
Video camera movement is used for many purposes. It may be used to make an object appear to be bigger or smaller. It may be used to make things blurred, scary, or just different. Camera movement techniques are often used, however, to tell a story ... read more

Adobe Premiere Elements Video Editing Software
If you're been in video editing for some time, you'll be familiar with video editing software packages from Adobe Systems. Adobe has traditionally been operating in the professional video editing genre, with its flagship Adobe Premiere product ... read more

More Topics

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