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Desktop Video News #028: How to Choose a Computer for Video Editing
December 06, 2005

Welcome to this week's edition of Desktop Video News. Well! This week we take a good look at how to select a computer system for video editing. Those of you thinking of buying a family camcorder will be interested in Canon Optura 40 review. We also have a feature on the basics of video editing and adding special movie effects. Happy reading!

Featured Articles

How to Choose a Computer for Video Editing
If you intend to capture and edit any of your video footage, a computer system is a must. It can, however, be confusing for the beginner video enthusiast. Should you use a desktop or a laptop computer? How much processing ... read more

Canon Optura 40 MiniDV Camcorder Review
The Canon Optura 40 MiniDV Camcorder is one of the latest offerings from the well established Japanese brand name. The Canon Optura 40 is a step up from the Canon Optura 30, with a few added, or upgraded features. The Canon Optura 40 price is only slightly higher than the its predecessor, the Canon Optura 30 ... read more

Edit Your Videos and Add Special Effects
Have you ever shot a video but wanted to enhance it with titles and screen transitions, or perhaps add a soundtrack? Perhaps there are some scenes which you wish to cut of the final video production. These can all be done ... read more

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Stream Your Videos On The Web

If you're looking to stream video on the web, my personal recommendation is to set up your own web site to host the files. And if you're looking for a good web hosting company, I'd suggest you try Yahoo web hosting. I've used them for years without any problems and their customer support is first-rate. Don't go for those free web hosts - they won't have enough space for you to store your video files.

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