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Desktop Video News #030: Learn to Create a Video with Windows MovieMaker
January 03, 2006
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Editor's ViewPoint

Happy New Year to one and all! Well, it's been an interesting year here. Since the website was re-launched in May 2005, we've seen a good increase in traffic volume. We're hitting about 200 visitors a day, which is very healthy indeed.

Resolutions for 2006? Well, to bring you more tips and tricks on digital video, of course. I'm also thinking of launching a little book to consolidate all the tips given in the website. What do you guys think? Suggestions are welcome - just drop me a note. Till then, have a great year ahead!

Gary Hendricks Editor

The MailBag

Advantages of DVD-R over DVD+RW

Question: Are there any advantages to DVD-R over DVD+RW?

, United States

Answer: Both -R and +R are supposed to be compatible with video players (and
DVD-ROM drives). In actual practice, there are some players that have problems with one or the other. Historically, more players support -R than +R, but I think all modern players can handle both.

As for the RW formats (-RW and +RW), fewer players will handle them, much like how there are a lot of CD players that can't handle CD-RW media. Your player's documentation may mention compatibility. If it doesn't, you may want to run a few tests.

Featured Articles

Learn to Create a Video with Windows MovieMaker
In this tutorial we will learn how to create movie clips with Windows Moviemaker. This is Microsoft’s foray into the video editing market, and it’s an impressive tool ... read more

Enhance Your Videos with Great Looking DVD Menus
If you’ve ever watched a movie on DVD, you are very familiar with the concept of menus. DVD movies usually come with extras like special settings, bonus features ... read more

Learn to Convert Your Videos to the DivX Format
In this article we will teach a very important technique in digital video—how to convert video to DivX. A video to DivX conversion is quite common nowadays ... read more

Product Spotlight

A Top-Notch Video Editing Program

If you're looking for a full-fledged video editing package at a reasonable price, then Ulead VideoStudio is your answer. I've always known Ulead to produce top-notch video software and VideoStudio is no exception. This software allows you to turn home videos into professional looking productions with ease.

For the more advanced user, there are more than 1000 customizable transitions, titles and special effects to play with. You can also cut those movies onto DVD, CD, tape and other media to share with friends and family. Highly recommended.

Tip of The Week

Here's a tip about image stabilization feature found in many consumer camcorders.

Image stabilization uses mechanical and/or electronic methods to reduce the apparent shake of the video picture, and it generally works quite well. Since this technology can add as much as several hundred dollars (in some models) to the cost of a camcorder, its cost-effectiveness will depend on what subjects you typically shoot.

Stabilization can dramatically improve moving camera shots and the sports and wildlife shots that are typically made at extreme telephoto lens settings.

Download Of The Week

Honestech Video Editor 7.0 is a powerful piece of video editing software that can assist you in compiling a professional looking movie from your existing personal videos, digital still images, and audio files. The program is simple enough for first time users yet powerful enough for experienced pros.

Latest Articles

A list of the top 5 free video editing programs out there.

Learn how you can shoot a spectacular wedding video.

A tutorial that shows you how to successfully burn your own DVD.

How to share your digital video with friends and family.

Convert your digital photos into movie slideshows with this software.


Breaking News

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Apple's next byte
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... room. Add an iPod dock or a TV tuner, for instance, and it could serve as a home's music hub and a digital video recorder. The slimmer ...

Digital Video Workshop: Final Cut Pro Editing - The Basics
NY Blueprint, NY - Dec 27, 2005
Learn the fundamentals of digital video editing in this intensive Final Cut Pro class. Students will cover all the basics they need ...

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