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Desktop Video News #044: A Guide to Different Camcorder Formats
October 01, 2007
Welcome to this week's edition of Desktop Video News. This week, we'll take a look at the different camcorder formats out in the market. In addition, we learn about the top video editing programs, as well as the camera movements that the pros use. If you burn your own DVD videos, you will like our articles on DVD burning and menu creation. Enjoy the newsletter!

In This Issue

A guide to the different camcorder formats out there
Learn about the different analog and digital camcorder formats in the market today.

Top 7 video editing software programs for beginners
Information on 7 great video editing software programs that are suitable for beginners.

All about the different types of camera movement
Learn about the camera movement techniques that professional videographers uses.

A tutorial that shows you how to successfully burn your own DVD
A step-by-step guide that shows you how to successfully burn your own DVD.

How to jazz up your videos with professional DVD menus
This article shows you how to create great looking DVD menus to accompany your video productions.

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Tip of The Week

When it comes to DVD writing speeds, don't assume that faster is necessarily better. For example, if you find a DVD with 32X speeds, it doesn't mean you should buy in over, say, those with 12X speeds.

Those ultra fast DVDs may certainly sound fast and convenient, but here's the reality. The reality is that many computers aren't built to handle super-fast burning. So what you may find is that they either reject the disks or just burn them at a slower speed anyway. Also, remember that even if your computer canburn disks at 16 or 32X, these quick burns are generally more prone to error. I've had situations where I burnt audio discs at 32X and they came out all wrong.

Cool Site of The Week

I just came across this interesting web site called VeohTV. Think of VeohTV as TiVo for the Internet, with a similar DVR-style interface. You can search for and subscribe to shows. You can also save many of those video streams as downloads to watch later. Its essentially like TV and you can control everything with a remote control. Really cool stuff - it just might be the future of Web TV.

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