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Desktop Video News #045: How to Capture Video into Your Computer
October 09, 2007
Welcome to this week's edition of Desktop Video News. This week, we will cover some interesting topics. First up, we look at how to capture video into your computer. This happens to be one of the most popular questions people ask me at my website. In addition, we'll help newbies buy their first digital camcorder.

There are also some good tips I've written about shooting wedding videos, along with a DivX video conversion guide. Finally, I list down some of the major misconceptions about digital camcorders which you might find interesting. I hope you enjoy the newsletter!

In This Issue

How to capture video into your computer
Guide to using a Firewire card or analog-to-digital conversion device to capture video into your computer.

How to buy your first digital camcorder
Buying your first digital camcorder. How to find the best deal among the many cameras out there.

Learn how you can shoot a spectacular wedding video
An overview on how to go about shooting a great wedding video.

How to convert your videos to the DivX format
Learn to convert those video files into the popular DivX format and save hard disk space.

Some common misconceptions about digital camcorders
This article features some of the most populat myths about digital camcorders.

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Tip of The Week

Sometimes you'll hear about the weirdest tips regarding digital videography. Here's one of those tips (but its a darn effective one, so don't underestimate it).

It's about your single socks. Since its October, you might be taking out some of the thicker clothes from your wardrobe. Now, let's say you find a winter sock that doesn't come in a pair - what do you do?

Don't throw it away! You can use it to cover a camcorder microphone. What that does is to cut down the sound of wind. This is really useful if you're outdoors and the wind is disrupting your video making process. With that sock on the mic, the wind noise in your video will be eliminated or minimized.

Cool Site of The Week

Moviemaking Tips Archive
If you're a budding film maker, you will definitely need some good pointers. I've a fan of this little blog called Making the Movie for some time now. So this week, I thought I'd share with you guys some of the content on the blog. The link about brings you to the blog's tips on making a movie, which have impressed me a lot. Go read them and learn a thing or two!

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