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Desktop Video News #046: Share Your Videos With Others
October 16, 2007
Welcome to this week's edition of Desktop Video News. Well! It's already the last week of October! Doesn't time fly? You know what? I've been thinking of revamping the format of this newsletter - if you guys have any suggestions, do drop me a note at this link.

Ok, on to the show! This week, we've got some tips on sharing video, the top 5 compact camcorders out there, as well as a review of the Sony DCR-HC21. If you're looking for a computer to do video editing, there's a short guide on the topic too. Finally, we feature an article on how to burn a VCD with Nero Burning ROM. Happy reading!

In This Issue

Share your videos with others
How to show your videos to everyone you know. Options for converting and outputting video to various formats.

Top 5 super compact digital video cameras
Review of several compact video camcorders. Their puny size make them ideal for travel and sporting events.

A review of the Sony DCR-HC21 MiniDV camcorder
This article features a Sony DCR-HC21 MiniDV camcorder review. The Sony DCR-HC21 is one of the most popular digital camcorders on the market today.

A guide to selecting a computer for digital video editing
A guide to buying a computer for digital video editing. Learn how to choose a quality desktop or laptop system.

Burn VCD discs using Nero Burning ROM
Simple guide on how to burn VCDs using Nero Burning ROM.

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Tip of The Week

Do you have video storage problems? Video files can be so large that sometimes it is hard to figure out where to put them.

Well, here's the solution. I recently came across an online storage service called What I like about the service is that you don't even have to sign up for an account. All you do is upload your videos in a zip file (limited to 20 MB) and you're done.

Although it is not a full range online video site, it does the basics and it does it well - so its very good for beginner video enthusiasts.

Cool Site of The Week

What to Watch on YouTube
You will know that the YoutTube website is extremely popular amongst video enthusiasts and has changed the face of online video forever. This website is a good introduction to viewing videos on YouTube. If you ever wanted to check out the best videos to watch on YouTube, this webpage will show you the details.

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