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Desktop Video News #047: Soften Backgrounds With A Neutral Density Filter
October 23, 2007
Welcome to this week's edition of Desktop Video News. If you're a digital video enthusiast, this newsletter will provide you with lots of tips and articles to help you improve your technique. I hope you'll enjoy the newsletter and have fun reading!

Soften Backgrounds With A Neutral Density Filter

Have you ever wondered about "softening" a busy background in your videos? I find busy backgrounds distract the viewer from your primary subject. Unlike digital photography, you can't just play with the aperture size and blur out the background.

So what do you do? Well, its quite simple. What you do is to fool the camcorder. Add a neutral density filter to open up its aperture. Available in a range of densities, (usually one to four f-stops). I find that the darker the filter, the wider the aperture of your camcorder - and hence the softer the background. Polarizing filters work too, and they come with a density of two f-stops.

So the next time you have a busy background, try this tip out - its a really neat effect.

Cool Site of The Week
Well, this week, I introduce that famous website, Amazingly, Wikipedia has tons of information on digital video - you can sit there for hours just reading about videography techniques and digital video formats. There's a lot of stuff here. Take your time and explore.

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