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Desktop Video News #048: Change The Speed Of Your Videos
November 14, 2007
Welcome to this week's edition of Desktop Video News. If you're a digital video enthusiast, this newsletter will provide you with lots of tips and articles to help you improve your technique. I hope you'll enjoy the newsletter and have fun reading!

Change The Speed Of Your Videos

Have you done video editing and wondered if you can slow time down? Sort of like a 'slow motion' sequence you see in the movies. Well, not to worry, with the video software out there, this can be easily done. Two of my favorites are iMovie and Movie Maker. They have excellent effects that anyone can use to adjust the speed of video footage.

For iMovie, you should look at the video effect 'Fast/Slow/Reverse'. This effect adjusts the speed of your video clip. You can also make it play in reverse for all sorts of interesting results.

For Movie Maker, there are video effects like Slow Down, Speed Up, Half and Double to let you play your video at different speeds.

So the next time you have a need to change the speed in your videos, try out the above tools and see what happens.

Cool Site of The Week

Digital Video
Ok, so the name might be a bit unimaginative, but this web site is a treasure trove of information on digital video. You can find tons of information on digital video tools, software and expert opinion on the latest trends in the industry. Worth a visit.

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