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Desktop Video News #050: Learn About The DivX Format
January 20, 2009

Welcome to this edition of Desktop Video News. In this issue, we'll be talking about the popular DivX video codec and why how you can maintain 'continuity' in your videos. Enjoy the newsletter!

Term Of The Week

DivX - This is a video codec created by DivX, Inc. It is immensely popular because it can compress very lengthy video files into small sizes, yet preserve high video quality. It is very commonly used to compress full-length DVD movies (4 GB or more in size) into smaller video files (about 700 MB).

DivX uses lossy MPEG-4 compression, with quality is balanced against file size . Note that DivX is very much a controversial technology because it is currently used to duplicate copyrighted DVDs. Many newer DVD players can play DivX movies in native format, just like stereo systems playing the MP3 format.

Tip Of The Week

One of the best things about video editing is the ability to take video footage that is out of order and splice it together so that everything looks continuous. An example is a scene where a person is holding a cup in one hand. When you switch to another shot, then ensure that he or she is still holding the same cup. If you somehow don't have the footage to maintain this type of 'continuity', then insert some b-roll in between the scenes. This way, the difference between the two scenes will not be so noticable, since it is 'interrupted' by the b-roll.

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