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Desktop Video News #052: Learn About Exposure In Digital Video
February 17, 2009

Welcome to this edition of Desktop Video News. In this issue, we'll be talking about exposure in digital video. We also explore how changing focal lengths can give the audience some variety in the shots you take.

Term Of The Week

Exposure - Exposure refers to the total amount of light allowed to enter the video camera lens. The unit of measurement for exposure is the exposure value (EV) - a higher value will represent more light entering the camera. Just like in photography, exposure time is controlled by the camera's shutter speed and aperture. If you have a slower (i.e. longer) shutter speed, then the greater the exposure. A bigger aperture size also produces greater exposures.

Tip Of The Week

If you have footage of the same subject from both a close and wide angle, it is quite easy to edit the scene by changing focal lengths. For example, when shooting a long video like an interview or a graduation ceremony, changing focal lengths gives the audience some variety in the shots. You can cut a wide shot and a medium close up together, allowing you to edit bits of video out without obvious jump cuts.

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