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Desktop Video News #053: The H.261 Video Compression Standard
March 17, 2009

Welcome to this edition of Desktop Video News. In this issue, let's learn about the H.261 video compression standard. We also look at why a person blocking your wedding video shoot can be a good thing.

Term Of The Week

H.261 - H.261 is a video compression standard. it is used primarily in videotelephony and videoconferencing products, especially among older models. Historically, the H.261 digital video compression standard was the first compression standard used in practice. Hence, many standard video codecs are designed based on H.261.

For the more technical amongst you, you might wish to know that H.261 included concepts as YCbCr color representation, a 4:2:0 sampling format and 8-bit sample precision. Also, H.261 supported only progressive scan video.

Tip Of The Week

If you're out filming a wedding video, and someone walks in front of the video camera, don't be unhappy. There's an opportunity to use a 'wipe'. A wipe allows you to easily cut to a completely different scene without disturbing the audience too much. Of course, you can set up wipes on your own during editing, but if they occur naturally, it makes it easier for you to 'detect' (during editing) where the transition should occur.

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