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Desktop Video News #054: What's A Jump Cut?
April 14, 2009

Welcome to this edition of Desktop Video News. In this issue, we learn what a 'jump cut' is and understand why our DVDs might sometimes fail to burn.

Term Of The Week

Jump Cut - A jump cut is quite a popular video editing concept that breaks the continuity of time in a shot. This is done by jumping forward from one part of an action to another. The end result is an interesting action sequence that is used by many action movie makers these days.

Tip Of The Week

There are many reasons why your DVDs fail the burn process when you're trying to cut a DVD. The first reason is due to an excessively fast DVD burning speed. You might always want to burn DVDs at the highest speed possible. However, in practice, though, burning DVDs at higher speeds can result in unreliable or errorneous burns. So slow it down and set your DVDs to burn at 4x or even 2x. That might help things.

The second reason why your DVDs fail to burn could be due to a dirty DVD drive. Any debris or dust accumulated in your DVD burner can prevent it from burning DVDs correctly. What you need to do is to buy a lens cleaning DVD and use it in your DVD drive. Hopefully, this will clean things up and give you a proper burn.

The last reason why your DVDs might fail to burn is due to cheap DVD media. Remember that DVDs are manufactured in large batches and if you're unlucky, you could have purchased an unreliable batch of DVDs. Try a new blank DVD or even a different brand of DVDs and see if that helps you to burn more successfully.

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