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Desktop Video News #058: Top 10 Family Video Projects
July 01, 2009

Welcome to this edition of Desktop Video News! The weather in June and July gets really hot here in Singapore. I find myself drinking more and more iced water these 2 weeks!

Ok, on to our feature article this week. Do you realize the digital camcorder is a fantastic, family-oriented device? What do I mean? Well, I mean it fosters family togetherness. Think of the times the whole family sat down and enjoyed a home video together. It brought lots of laughs, didn't it?

Well, that's why this week, I decided introduce a list of top 10 video projects you can do at home with the family. I'm pretty sure these will remain in your family's memories for years to come - so do try them out!

On another note, I've been wondering what kind of topics you guys would like to read about in this newsletter. This newsletter has gone one for quite some time, and I think it's pretty much time for me to relook at the content I'm providing. So feel free to drop me a note and tell me what of articles you'd see! Thanks for your support so far.

Top 10 Family Video Projects

If you've been using your digital camcorder for some time, you might be out of fun ideas on how you can use it.

Well, fear not - in this article we will look at a list of the top 10 family video projects you can try out at home.

I'm sure you'll have so many ideas for fun and creative video projects after reading this article! It's always good to have fun with the video camera with the family. After you've bought a new digital camcorder, you'd be great to start on some family video projects just to test out your shooting skills and the camcorder's capabilities. If you need help on the basics of camcorders and video editing, do visit this page.

1. Events and Celebrations
The first fun family video project I can think of is to capture digital video for events and celebrations. Anything from birthdays to anniversaries, to your kid's prom, graduation or first day of school - any of these events are worth taking out that digital camcorder and recording some clips.

2. Interviews
One fun family video project you can try is to record interviews with your family members. For example, if your son just graduated from university, you can interview him with a short lists of questions like 'So how do you feel?' or 'How ready are you to take on the world?' - stuff like that. Try to take the interviewee's responses impromptu - don't let them see the questions. It'll certainly make for some fun and memorable clips.

3. Transfer Old Family Videos To DVD
If you have a lot of old family videos, you might want to make it a family video project to convert them to DVD format. I'm sure you have a lot of video tapes in analog format which need conversion. Read this article to find out more about how to do this.

4. Family Recipes
Another idea for a fun family video project is to capture your family recipes on video. Remember, Grandma might have a lot of nice recipes to pass to you guys, but it's all in her head. So if you can film her cooking those dishes, then you've got all her techniques recorded.

5. Photo Montages
Creating a photo montage of the family is also a great family video project you can try. Just collect a lot of digital photos of family members, then mix and match them together into a digital scrapbook. There's some good software out there to do this, which you should check out here.

6. Give The Kids The Video Camera
Here's a good idea. You can try giving the digital camcorder to your kids to see what they film. You'd be surprised at some of the interesting shots they can take.

7. Yearbook Videos
Another great family video project to do is a 'Yearbook Video'. Waht you do is to think of a yearly theme to the family, e.g. '10 Things We Accomplished As A Family in 2008' or 'Top 10 Funniest Moments In The Smith Family 2008' - these make for very interesting perspectives into family life.

8. Make A Movie Together
Making a movie together with your family is also a good idea. Try to set up everything - from a script, to the plot and special effects - to make it seem like a real movie. Put in rolling credits and all - trust me, videos like these will be a keeper!

9. Video Blogs
You'll know that places like YouTube have taken the world by storm. These days, digital videos, much like digital photos, are no longer restricted to your home PC. You have the option of uploading them to YouTube and other places to share your video moments with others. Try starting a video blog for the family and allow all family members to upload videos as and when they like. For more information on sharing videos via the web, do check out this page .

10. Home Tour
One of the best family video projects is to do a 'Home Tour'. Just walk around the house, video camera in hand, and start describing the rooms and furniture, etc. Go like 'This is the living room, where we spend countless hours watching old re-runs', or 'This is my son's room - as you can see he didn't make his bed today (again)'. Stuff like these are great fun.

And that's it! Ten of the best family video projects you can try out with your family. If you need more zany ideas as to how to experiment with digital video, do sign up for my free newsletter here. Until next time, good luck and happy video shooting!

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