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Desktop Video News #060: Rendering Your Video Production
September 27, 2011

Welcome to this edition of Desktop Video News. In this issue, we'll be talking about rendering your video and what is the one thing you should always do before shooting a video.

Term Of The Week: Render

If you've been involved in video production, you'll often hear the term "render". To render a video production is to generate the video in its final form, including transitions, effects, and superimposed tracks. You can render portions of a Timeline in order to preview your edits at that point, or render the entire production before exporting it in its final form, to a disk file or out to tape.

Tip Of The Week: Roll Blank Tape Before You Shoot

Here's a good tip that I always share with budding videographers - roll blank tape before you shoot the video. This is so important I'm surprised how many people forget it.

Before you start shooting any video production, always roll your tape for 30 seconds at the beginning of your tape with the lens cap on (or with color bars - see your camera manual for setting your camera to display color bars).

Why is this important? Well, rolling blank tape before the shot will help you avoid having crinkles at the start of your video - a problem I see very often. Apply this tip and you'll never encounter these crinkles again.

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