A Little Information About Me

Desktop and digital video have been a hobby of mine since 1998. My first video camera was a huge, chunky Sony analogue one (I forgot the model). It recorded video on analog tapes (eeks) and I had to painstakingly transfer video to the TV and VHS before sharing my videos with others.

I switched to digital camcorders in 2001 - via a very expensive Sony model. That is when I experimented heavily with video editing software like Adobe Premiere and Ulead MediaStudio Pro. I also began to learn more about shooting quality videos and how to properly light my subjects.

I never had any formal video production training. I just worked things out for myself using trial and error. Most of the stuff I know have been picked up from the internet and various product manuals.

Hope you'll enjoy my site! Oh, and please feel free to send me your comments on this site. What you like, don't like or anything you feel I should improve on.

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