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Questions About Desktop Video?
Ask Them Here.

Whatever questions you may have about desktop video, digital camcorders, video editing or movie making – ask them here.

I'll do my best to answer you as quickly as I can.

Over the years, I've received tons of questions from visitors to my site and I wanted to share my answers to them through this page.

Desktop Video Questions
Other People Have Asked

Click on the links below to see other questions asked about desktop video. They were all written by other visitors to this page.

Unable to get audio clips into Microsoft Movie Maker 
Question: When using the Microsoft Movie Maker, I am not able to get the audio clips into the program. What should I do? Answer: This …

I am confused. Do I need 2 separate programs to edit and share videos? 
Question: In perusing all the great information you offer on video editing programs, I am getting the idea that to share the movie I hope to make …

How do you sync words and lip movement? 
Question: I have a movie where towards the end the lip movement and voice is not in sync. Do you know how I can correct this? Answer:

What Video Editing Program Is Compatible With The Mac And Is Similar To Pinnacle Studio? 
Question: What program is compatible with the Mac and similar to the Pinnacle Studio Ultimate video editing software suite? I need the software …

Best video camera in the price range of 50,000 TO 60,000 Indian Rupees? 
Question:Hi Gary, what is the best video camera in the price range of 50,000 TO 60,000 Indian Rupees? Answer:Hi Sagar, thank you for your …

Best Way To Capture Video Clips From A DVD To Use As Promotional Material? 
I'm assuming you would like to capture video clips from the DVD and incorporate them into a trailer. You'll want to be able to identify the precise moment …

Can You Suggest A Webcam Capture Software? 
Question: My HP Mini came equipped with a webcam, but no capture software. Do you have a suggestion for some minimalistic and free software? I'd …

Panasonic AG-DVX100A Camcorder Worth $850 In Excellent Condition? 
Question: Is the Panasonic AG-DVX100A camcorder worth $850 in excellent condition? The AG-DVX100A is a great MiniDV camcorder but I'm worried whether …

What Devices To Use For Shooting In Churches And Assemblies? 
Question: Hi, I would like to know what kind of devices can be used for live video shooting mostly in churches and assemblies. Answer:

Is Corel Video Studio Pro X4 Able To Convert MTS Files To MP4? 
Question: I have a JVC HD Camcorder that records in the mts format. I'd like to know if using the Corel Video Studio Pro X4 software or another …

Do You Know A Good Free Slideshow Software Program? 
Question: Hi Gary, I have a pasta recipes website and I also sometimes add recipe videos to YouTube. However these take ages to make, what with …

Which Video Capturing Device Should I Use? 
Question: Hello, you have an awesome site! I was hoping you can direct me. I want to capture bits and pieces of DVD movies for a video art project. …

What Program Would You Suggest I Buy For Video Editing? 
Question: I bought the Canon FS100 & used it to film many clips on vacation. The editing program that came with the camera, Image Mixer 3, will …

Any Good Books To Recommend To The Intermediate Level Videographer? 
Question: As a B.A. TV and Radio Production alumni, I wanted to commend you on your site and your meticulous and helpful guide through the whole …

How To Cut Out Film Segments And Combine Into One DVD? 
Question: What program would you recommend for me to do the following? I want to edit some documentary films which are on DVD discs that were burned …

Overwhelmed With What Type Of Video Camera To Buy 
Question: I was hoping I could bother you for some advice. I work for a small company that's interested in making training videos to put online. …

How To Easily Watermark Videos And Add A Logo? 
Question: Just came across your site - I've been having a problem and hope you can help. I am trying to find a good way in which I can easily watermark …

How To Copy VCD Discs To DVD Or VCD? 
Question: I just read your article about burning VCD discs using Nero Burning Rom. I need to find out how to copy VCD discs to DVD or VCD. I'm not …

Looking For "Holy Grail" Of Editing Software 
Question: I am looking for what I have come to dub as the holy grail of editing software: a kid-friendly, Mac/PC compatible, free video editing …

What Digital Camcorder Can I Get For Less Than A $1,000? 
Question: My wife and I have started helping a photographer friend of ours do a package deal on weddings. I do the video and my wife helps out on …

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