The Best Home Video Editing
Software For The Video

What's the best home video editing software? If you're getting started in make digital home videos, it may be a challenge to find a suitable software package to do video editing.

Fret not! This article will help you choose the best home video editing software for your needs.

We'll first start with what you need to look out for when buying home video editing software, then check out the various contenders for best program.

Specifically, the three home video editing packages we'll look at are Microsoft Movie Maker, Corel VideoStudio and Adobe Premiere Elements.

1. What To Look Out For

If you're looking for the best home video editing software, it's important to understand what capabilities you need in such a software. Firstly, it must allow you to quickly edit home videos. Many packages are overly complicated and I don't think they are suited for the home user. The package you want is something simple and straightforward.

Next, the best home video editing software, in my opinion, must also have a good pack of automated special effects, transition effects and DVD authoring options. For a home user, you want to see your amateur looking home video become "professional" by the end of the video editing process. A good video editing package should automate most of this process for you, by offering simple user wizards or templates that help guide you.

Three of the packages in this category are Microsoft Movie Maker, Corel VideoStudio and Adobe Premiere Elements.

Nominee #1: Microsoft Movie Maker

So let's look at the contenders for best home video editing software. First up, we have Microsoft Movie Maker. Microsoft Movie Maker is a good package and it does very solid, no frills editing work for you.

The Microsoft Movie Maker screen

You can drag and drop and edit your timeline, cut in and out of frames, add simple titles, and burn your results to a DVD. However, in my opinion, it is a little too simple. Even for a home user, you'd want slightly more options and capabilities in your home video editing software package.

Nominee #2: Adobe Premiere Elements

The next contender for best home video editing software is Adobe Premiere Elements. This is an all-round, great package that sells like hotcakes in the market. Also, as you know, Adobe is a great video editing brand name that's hard to beat.

Creating an instant movie with Adobe Premiere Elements

You get beginner level features in Adobe Premiere Elements and also a suite of more advanced editing effects and tools as well. Very good choice for the home video enthusiast just cutting his or her teeth into video editing.

Nominee #3: Corel VideoStudio

Corel VideoStudio is another serious contender in my list of best home video editing software programs. Corel VideoStudio competes in the same space as Adobe Premier Elements, and I'd say it is also very, very good for the home user. You get solid editing capabilities and built-in special effects, templates, transition effects and DVD menus to choose from.

Corel VideoStudio screenshot

And The Winner Is ...

And the best home video editing software award goes to ... Corel VideoStudio. I might be slightly biased, but my opinion is that Corel VideoStudio just slightly edges out Adobe Premiere Elements in my view.

Part of that reason is that Corel VideoStudio has always been a solid standalone video editing program, but Adobe Premiere Elements has always been born out of the professional level Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe suite, so it might be slightly hard for the home user to pick up.

To learn more about the best home video editing software, do check out my other reviews.

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