Which Is The Best Video
Editing Program?

Video editing programs are software which can be installed on computers to retouch the videos that have been recorded to make them polished and appealing for your viewers.

These programs are capable of editing video clips or full length videos from camcorders, digital cameras and even mobile phones, which are capable of recording video. So which is the best video editing program?

In my experience, a good video editing program should give a very intuitive and elegant user interface and allow you to accomplish editing tasks very quickly. However, they are also complex enough to let you experiment with advanced video effects if you so choose.

Let's take a more in-depth look at a list of 10 contenders for best video editing program. These are the tools I keep turning to as part of my video editing hobby.

1. Corel Video Studio Pro

One of my perennial favorites, Corel Video Studio Pro is one of the best among all the available video editing programs. With a very simple user interface, the software is capable of completing some complex video editing tasks with ease.

There are also a number of editing tools which are built-in and accessible via a feature called the "Movie Wizard". This wizard allows the users to very quickly put together a video which can be as long as full length movies.

The Corel VideoStudio video editing software

The best part of the Corel VideoStudio is that the output can be saved in a number of formats which allows the viewers to watch the video on computers, TV or even video players for mobiles.

In addition, there are some other additional options like adding movie titles, seamless integration of music as well as creation of simple slide shows.

A great package that can be used by both novice and professional editors with ease. Check out my Corel VideoStudio review here.

2. Movavi

I recently came across Movavi, an amazing piece of software. This is an all-in-one package of powerful yet easy-to-use tools for any video processing needs: edit, enhance, convert, burn Blu-ray Disc & DVD.

For starters, you can transfer video and audio between more than 170 media formats, including DVD and HD. You can also save video to than 180 portable devices, including the Apple iPod, iPad, iPhone, Sony PSP™, Zune, BlackBerry, etc.

The Movavi video editing suite

You can easily create your video masterpiece using a customizable timeline and powerful collection of video editing tools: split, crop, join, rotate, and more. You can also enhance the video with built-in special effects.

Capture video into your PC? No problem. Movavi allows you to capture video straight from DV cameras and or TV-tuners. Save MPEG-2 TS and AVCHD video from camcorders to PC. Now you have a way to revive your old movie collection and family videos stored on VHS cassettes.
As for sharing that video of yours, Movavi allows you to quickly burn CD, DVD or Blu-ray media with video, music and data.

I love Movavi and I'm sure you will too. Check it out here.

3. Cybelink PowerDirector

Cyberlink PowerDirector is also a contender for best video editing program. What makes this program unique is its concept of "import and capture". There is a standard set of tools present in the programs which allows you to import an existing video that is already present on your computer's hard drive or you can capture a video from portable camera for video recording.

You can also capture a video straight from a DVD - a feature available only in high-end video editing programs. Editing is as simple as it gets - you can tinker with a large number of effects which can be personalized. Want to trim or split a video? That again is a breeze. On the whole, a simple, extremely user friendly and value-for-money editing suite.

3. Adobe Premiere Elements

Third in the cue is Adobe Premier Elements and a hot favorite. Besides the fact that it is from a very trusted name in media software (i.e. Adobe), Premiere Elements is capable of a whole host of features.

Adobe Premiere Elements video editing software

Uploading a video to the Web or burning a home movie on a DVD can be done with simple commands. The program boasts one-touch transfer which allows you to capture the video output quickly from a DV camcorder. You can also edit photos, narrate audios and create DVD menus. Provided your computer has the minimum system requirements, Premiere Elements is a lot of fun to use and comes highly recommended.

5. Pinnacle Studio

Beginner or intermediate level user in video editing? Then you are going to love Pinnacle Studio. There are formats specified for different skill sets and all that you need to do is to choose the one that suits you. This is nowhere close of being an industrial software but the program is definitely good for home users with lovely features and tools for special effects, panning and zooming resolution and much more. The usage of this software is so simple and self-explanatory that you may never want to shift to other programs when you get used to it!

6. Roxio Creator

Roxio Creator is a video editing program that is fast and easy to use. Creating backups and burning them on CD, DVD and Blu-Rayis simple - you can even schedule the burning process!

Roxio Creator allows you to create soundtracks and playlists for your video. Analog formats can also be converted to digital formats within the software. I'll admit that Roxio Creator is not as high quality as Corel VideoStudio, Adobe Premiere Elements or Movavi, but the program toolset is certainly still impressive enough. Which is why it makes it to my list of the top 10 nominees for best video editing program.

7. Corel DVD MovieFactory

If you need to share video files quickly with others with minimal editing, you are going to love Corel DVD MovieFactory.

MovieFactory focuses on creating a CD, DVD and Blu-Ray disc containing your video production as quickly as possible. There are built-in templates which can be customized - you can spend hours playing with these. You can use the timeline and storyboard to gain control of the video editing process. There's even a nice option to create music videos.

This is a beginners' level video editing program and is a whole lot of fun to use. At intermediate or expert levels, the program is does not really make the cut.

8. Arcsoft

The Arcsoft ShowBiz program has a simple appearance but is loaded with features. Hook up your camcorder to the computer to quickly start the video editing process. The program can then run a pre-check your imported video can highlight unwanted scenes to be automatically detected.

Drag and drop the imported clips into the storyboard for better control and visualization. Videos can then be split into smaller clips, audio can be embedded into scenes, while specific themes can be added to the videos. You can also create beautiful slideshows.

9. Sony Vegas Studio Premium

Sony Vegas Studio Premium is a great all-round video editing package that it takes into account the expertise of the user. Whether you are a newbie or professional video editor, the software has the feature set to support you.

What Sony Vegas Studio Premium does is that it recreates a video editing studio right in the comfort of your own home. You can conveniently makes DVD or Blu-ray copies of the videos you produced. Now you can preserve your beautifully shot HD videos into media and distribute them easily to friends and family.

10. Movieplus

If you're a newbie to video editing, Movieplus is well suited to your needs. The software follows a guided, step-by-step process to allow you to create your first video production.

The storyboard allows arranging and sequencing of your clips so that you can easily include the nice scenes and remove the unwanted ones.

Special effects, zooming and trimming are very well implemented and they allow you to transform an otherwise boring video into a professional production complete with solid, crisp effects.

Don't have time to wade through something like Adobe Premiere Pro to create a nice home video? Well, go for Movieplus because it is great for creating super videos with ease and without any professional knowledge.


Whether you're a hobbyist shooting a home video, or a professional planning a formal video production, you absolutely need a robust video editing package.

The above 10 video editing programs are the best of the best and will help you preserve memories and produce cutting-edge, beautiful looking videos that you can keep for generations to come. Check out these programs, learn and experiment with them and make your videos better.

P.S. If you asked me to choose, my favorites out of the ten would be Corel VideoStudio, Adobe Premiere Elements, CyberLink PowerDirector and Movavi. You have to experiment to see which one suits you - but based on my experience those four are the ones I usually turn to.

Here's THE video editing tool I use more often than anything else.

An Easy-to-Use Video Editing Program

Pinnacle Studio is a popular video editing program that allows you to easily capture video from camcorders into your computer. You can add great-looking transitions, special effects and background music to your plain old home videos. Start converting your videos into Hollywood productions now!

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