Capture Video from Any Video Source with USB Instant DVD

The USB Instant DVD from ADS Technologies is a neat analog-to-digital and digital-to-analog conversion device that allows you to capture video from your TV to your PC or vice versa.


This means you can do all sorts of fancy video conversion work, including conversion of old dusty VHS tapes to digital format - ready to be burnt into VCD or DVD media.

You can also stream digital video out of your computer into a TV which would allow you to record that video into analog VHS tapes.

USB Instant DVD has a USB interface to the computer, to ensure that you have no connection problems. Sounds cool? Well, I highly recommend this product as it has saved me hours upon hours of video conversion hassle.

USB Instant DVD

Inside the USB Instant DVD

The USB Instant DVD package comes with everything you need to get started with your video conversion. Besides the main unit, there are a whole lot of cables included: a USB cable, audio cables, video cables, as well as a power cord. The USB Instant DVD manual is decent enough, with pretty clear instructions as to how to set the unit up. There's also a CD-ROM containing drivers and some great software.


The software bundle included with USB Instant DVD is, in a word, amazing. I've never seen a video conversion device bundle such excellent video related software. Get this - within the package you get Ulead Video Studio 7 SE, Ulead DVD MovieFactory SE DVD, as well as the muvee autoProducer DVD SE. How's that for a software bundle? Buying these titles separately would cost you a bomb.


Installing the unit in Windows is a snap as it is plug and play via the USB port. Fixing up the cables tends to be more challenging. Just read the manual carefully and you will have no problems. The device has a pretty well-designed front panel which allows for easy connection to any video source - TV, camcorder, etc.


As you can imagine, the potential of USB Instant DVD is only limited by your imagination. Anything you can view on your TV set or camcorder can be digitized and captured on the PC. This means you can:

  • Convert TV programs to DVD, VCD or SVCD (e.g your favourite music videos)
  • Convert VHS videotapes to DVD, VCD or SVCD
  • Convert DVD to DVD, VCD or SVCD
  • Convert any video recorded on your camcorder to DVD, VCD or SVCD

You can also send digital video from your PC to your TV to view or record onto VHS videotapes. For example: Watch AVI or MOV movies on the TV (this is really useful - imagine being able to watch downloaded Quicktime trailers on the TV!)

All in all, if you've always wanted a way to capture video from your TV to your PC or vice versa, USB Instant DVD is the perfect product for you. It's reasonably priced and will save you a lot of video conversion hassle in the long run.

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