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4 Tools To
Capture Web Video

Imagine this … you're surfing YouTube or MetaCafe and you stumble on a video that you simply love. How do you capture web video and store that clip into your hard drive?


Well, this is one of the most common questions from my readers. In this article, we'll look at 4 software tools to help you capture web video.

These include RipTiger, Flash Converter 2, SoThink WebVideo Downloader, as well as Replay Media Catcher. These tools have obscure sounding names but they are in fact very effective in capturing web video. So do check them out the next time you need to grab that video off your screen!

1. RipTiger

RipTiger is a no-fuss and very easy to use tool to capture web video. It's one of the most powerful video capture tools I've come across - because it supports both URL type sites like YouTube and streaming video sites.

The RipTiger web video capture screen

RipTiger provides very quick downloading and supports a huge variety of sites like YouTube, Google video,, ESPN,, etc. You can also upgrade to the ‘Ultimate package’ to convert the downloaded video to ipod, iphone, AVI and Windows media.

Click here to purchase RipTiger now.

2. Flash Converter 2

Flash Converter 2 is a solid software for capturing web video. It comes with lots of output options, easy to use interface, plus support for Intel core 2 processors. However, I dislike the fact that you can only use URL input only when capturing web video. It does support a whole host of sites though - from YouTube, Google video,,,, etc.

3. SoThink WebVideo Downloader For FireFox

Nice and free. It however comes with only limited functionality. Although SoThink WebVideo Downloader supports a wide range of video sharing sites, it is quite tricky to configure. I had a hard time downloading files from their host site to get my version to work.

4. Replay Media Catcher

Replay Media Catcher is a nice tool to capture web video but a tad expensive compared to the rest in this list. Its an easy to use live recording type of application, with nice built-in converter options. A large range of sites is also supported.

There you have it, 4 of the best tools to capture web video. If you ask me, I think RipTiger is the best among the list and I'd highly recommend it if you need to save web video on a regular basis.

Click here to easily capture web video with RipTiger.

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The All-In-One Video Editing Program

Frustrated by your video editing efforts? You try your best but just can't produce a professional looking movie? Well, then check out Movavi Video Suite. This all-in-one package contains powerful yet easy-to-use tools for any video processing need - edit, enhance, convert and share. You can easily create brilliant movies by adding special effects and convert your video into any of 170+ video formats, or burn it to Blu-ray Disc & DVD.

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