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Understanding CCD Digital Video Camera Technology

Anyone who is getting into shooting video knows that getting the right quality is based on having the right lighting.


However, there is not always the ability to get perfect lighting, depending on the area you are in and the shots you are taking.

The best way to compromise your lighting situation is to get technology that can help you to get the right quality. One alternative lighting solution that is offered is through CCD digital video cameras.

1. Introduction

The concept of CCD digital video cameras is to have a specific technology that allows you to shoot in any situation where there is low lighting. If you are in the outdoors or in a darker room, you can't alter the lighting for the best quality. To compromise this, the CCD can alter the way video quality turns out.

2. What is a CCD?

CCD stands for charge coupled device. It's main function is to work as a measurement for the light that is coming into a specific area of the lens so there is an automatic focus on the film being shot. The ability to change the amount of light and dark functions are then recorded with the film.

The Sony HDR-FX1 comes which comes with 3 CCDs

There are specific technology features that are a part of CCD digital video cameras that may not be found in other video options. For instance, you can look into cameras that include auto exposure and auto white balance so you can get the right picture images, despite the lighting. There are also image sensors that automatically adjust, dependent on where you are, so you can get the right color quality.

3. Automatic Focus

The ability to take the light that is recorded and to automatically focus so the image can be captured correctly is the next feature of CCD. Components work as a light sensitivity function, known as photosites. These are used to measure the light available within a camera. By doing this, the light in any situation remains balanced according to how the photo sites respond to camera images. For video cameras that are using film, this is a common interaction; however, with digital cameras, this is a newer interchange that provides extra support with the lighting that is needed.

Most mainstream video cameras come with 1 CCD

4. Other Technology

These main features assist with low lighting is usually just a part of the CCD digital video cameras and imaging available. There are also other technology components that add into this to create the best set of lighting. For instance, capturing frames per second is usually at the same high number as other digital cameras. Having the right shutters, resolution options, megapixels and modes to convert images are also available. Depending on your needs, you can make sure you get the right type of camera with these basic options for cameras.


For anyone who is interested in having the latest technology, with the ability to control levels of light in a video camera, is the combination of the CCD digital video cameras to help with your lighting needs. Understanding how light can be balanced, not only through the right time of day, but also through the way video cameras work can help you to have a clear picture, no matter where you are recording your images.

The All-In-One Video Editing Program

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