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Learn to Convert Your
Videos to the DivX Format

In this article we will teach a very important technique in digital video—how to convert video to DivX.


A video to DivX conversion is quite common nowadays, as more and more people are beginning to realize the versatility of DivX technology.

In case you haven’t heard of it, DivX is what is called a compression algorithm, that “squeezes” your video into a smaller file format.

As a result, you store large videos on your hard disk or make it easier for people to stream them from your web site. We will be using a program called Dr. DivX to convert to DivX.

The main screen of the Dr. DivX encoder

Step 1: Select the Video Options

The first thing that you’ll notice is that Dr. DixX uses a wizard-driven interface to enable you to convert video to DivX. I am sure that those of you who are new to this whole process will appreciate the simplicity of a wizard. Upon running the program the wizard will take you through step 1, 'Select Video Input'.

You will be presented with four buttons: Video File, Digital Video, Live Capture and Custom Plug-in.

Video File is used if you have the video file on your hard drive. If, however, you are connecting directly to your digital camcorder, you would choose Digital Video. Live Capture is used for capturing televised video as it plays and Custom Plug-in is used for video that is input through a cable input of some sort.

Most likely the video that you want to convert to DivX will reside on your hard drive, either as raw footage or in a previously encoded format. Click Video File for your video to DivX conversion and click Next.

Step 2: Select Audio Options

Next you will be presented with the audio screen in the wizard. It needs to know the source of your audio input for your video to DivX conversion. The source of your audio input, you ask? Isn’t that the same as the source of your video file?

In most cases, the answer is yes, you will be using the audio from your video file. However, there are some cases where you want to convert video to DivX using some other source for your audio input.

For example, suppose you want to overlay music over the video file when you convert to DivX, as you would in a music video or some special presentation like that. In that case, you might choose an mpeg file as your audio source. For now, however, it’s safe to assume that you want the same audio source from your video file - so select that option and click Next.

Step 3: Select Output Options

The third step in your video to DivX conversion is the choice of your output. You have a number of options when you convert to DivX, depending on the desired quality and intended use of the file.

As a beginner, you’ll appreciate the pre-set standards for output under 'Certification Level' on the left side of the screen. These are meant to ensure optimal quality output for the following devices: High Definition, Home Theater, Portable or Handheld. If, however, you de-select Certification Level, you can choose custom output specifications on the right side of the screen.

Here you indicate the number of files you want output, and their file sizes. You can also indicate the quality of the output as well. At this stage, I recommend that you stay with the pre-sets under Certification until you feel more comfortable with the product. You will find size and video length at the bottom right of the screen as you convert video to DivX.

Step 4: Start Encoding

The final step to convert video to DivX is to click Next and go straight to encode. Before Dr. DivX will convert to DivX however it will give you one last chance to tweak the settings. Beginners are well advised to go with the defaults and proceed.

The video to DivX conversion produces a decent quality video. It is likely that you can fit up to 100 minutes of video on a single CD-ROM. Now, this may not be DVD quality video, and some parts of the footage can appear blurry. However it can certainly be decent for a home movie or if you want to make backups of your old VHS tapes. Dr. DivX also de-interlaces the video as well, making it easier to view on a PC monitor.


If you’re new to the process of learning how to convert video to DivX and want a no-hassle introduction, Dr. DivX. is worth the investment.

It’s a steep one at that - the program costs $50. That’s quite a price to pay for such simple software, but software that makes life simple usually involves considerable complexity on the backend. There are of course alternatives available in the public domain arena.

Programs such as VirtualDub and DivX / XviD compare quite well, but they are not as user-friendly. However, they offer advanced video to DivX hackers extra opportunities to tweak settings. For beginners, however, Dr. DivX is worth the price.

An Easy-to-Use Video Editing Program

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