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If you are unfamiliar with Corel VideoStudio Pro x5, it is a standalone video editing software that handles everything from special effects to time-lapse video.

Corel's latest release, VideoStudio Pro X5, has been getting generally positive reviews for its feature packed platform and numerous design improvements from earlier versions. Corel is not your simple bare bones video editor, neither is it suitable for extremely high-end video production, such as for HD editing, 3D production or complex rendering. It may however be the most feature packed video editing software in its price range, readily able to compete with the likes of Adobe and Apple in terms of value. In this article, we'll take a look at what VideoStudio Pro X5 is able to offer video editing enthusiasts.

Now, to get a better grasp of what Corel has to offer, you should know that it comes separated into three modes for ease of use. We'll look at each of these below.

1. Video Capture

The first mode is video capture. Included here is Corel's easy import feature, which allows you to import any type of video, convert it, and synthesize it to prepare it for editing.

One of the great features of Corel video editing software is that it allows you to capture high quality video straight from your screen in real time. Our experience with this feature has been stellar; we were able to capture video of another video (a video within a video) with no visible loss of quality.

Capture your videos in the video capture screen

2. Video Editing

The second mode, and obviously the most important, is the video editing mode. Here you can do all of your normal video editing activities, such as cutting, merging, overlaying, and adding special effects.

Play with all sorts of video effects in the edit video tab

Also included is Blu-ray support for creating DVD menus, bookmarks and templates. As an added bonus you are also able to preview your video in HD while you're working; a feature unique to Corel.

3. Video Sharing

The final aspect is the video sharing option, which allows you to render your video to the file type you need, and then upload to directly to Vimeo, YouTube, Flickr, your camcorder, or prepare it for a DVD.

Video sharing options in Corel VideoStudio Pro X5

For this Corel has incorporated a once separate program, DVD MovieFactory, right into the software so you can seamlessly transition from rendering to burning your DVD.

There are a couple more prominent features that headline the latest release of VideoStudio Pro X5 - we'll look at them in the following paragraphs. Do check these out if you are considering buying the software.

4. Stop-Motion Animation

Have you ever seen those cool animated Lego or toy sequences on YouTube? Ever wondered how they are done? Well, they're done using a video technique called "stop-motion animation".

Corel VideoStudio Pro X5 has a robust Stop-Motion Animation feature that allows you to perform animation of objects very easily. It works great with toys and figurines. My son absolutely loves this feature - he can't seem to get enough of it!

Cool stop-motion animation features

If you are not familiar with stop motion, it is the process of creating a movie from a series of still images. This allows the user quite a bit of creativity when combined with audio tracks, subtitles, and special effects.

Vibrant HD Quality

Tired of your low resolution videos? Well, we all know the world of video is going towards high-definition (HD).

Corel's hallmark ability is to transform once dull standard videos into a much more vibrant HD quality production. This feature was once only reserved for the most advanced video editing software's but is now available to the average user.

The effects are quite dramatic and are comparable to the difference you see between professional commercials or YouTube videos and those that come straight from your video camera.

Turn Movies From 2D To 3D

If your videos look like 2D movies, you can easily turn them into 3D movies with VideoStudio Pro X5. While the effect itself is very cool, it won't make your home movies look like a 3D blockbuster any time soon. When you order the physical product, Corel conveniently includes a pair of 3D glasses so you can watch the effects of your 3D transformation in real time.

Solid Time-Lapse Effects

Ever seen a time-lapse video? The video below showing a time-lapse video of New York - which looks really impressive. Well, with VideoStudio Pro X5, you can create the same!

You can watch yourself throughout the day, put a camera on the roof to record the sunset and the goings-on of the day, or set up a camera in your backyard to watch a flower bloom. Definitely an A+ feature!


Overall, Corel has put together an advanced product that is an excellent introduction for 99% of users needing video production.

If youÂ’ve just started out in digital video or are an intermediate level user, Corel VideoStudio Pro is hard to beat as a all round video editing tool.

You can find out more about Corel VideoStudio Pro X5 here.

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