How To Edit Titles And
Graphics In Your Video

Video editing can be a daunting task, especially if you are trying to make your production really professional. Titles and graphics are standard fare in videos and you need to learn how to edit them properly and with skill so as to make the final video really slick.

So, how do you edit titles and graphics in your video? In this article, we'll find out how to do this correctly. The most important thing is to be clear on what you are trying to achieve with your video, then blend in the text and graphics accordingly to support your story.

Of course, you'll also need a good video editing program that supports editing of titles and graphics in your video.

1. Pre-Built Graphics And Text Generators

There are several video editing software programs which come with pre-built graphic and text generators. Don't underestimate these tools - they can actually save you a lot of time.

From 3D text, wonderful motions and transitions, to special effects, the built-in functions can help you spruce up your video.

Editing a title in Movavi, a video editing program

But remember the old adage - always keep it simple. Don't overdo your titles and graphics effects. Try to use plain and simple, but effective titles or graphics to deliver your message. The principle I'd use is that whatever text and graphics you use need to be self-explanatory and must be able to carry your message to the audience in a simple and effective fashion.

2. Don't Overdo Your Titles And Graphics

Now, while you're doing your video edit for the titles and graphics, you need to understand that using layers after layers of graphics and motions and pouring in the entire rainbow on the canvas never works.

In fact, everything will get messed up. Graphics which are inserted with poor taste or consideration can be a real pain for your audience.

Try to ensure that everything that you are using in the video needs to have a meaning or purpose. Even the fonts that you use need to be aligned with the aesthetics of the video.

There are some professional fonts which are well laid with proper spacing between the words and letters and they render truly professional look to the entire video. Try to get these and use them in your video production (they don't really come for free but yet it is worth spending money on them). You can also go for some royalty free fonts available on the Internet - however the quality of these free fonts are obviously not as good.

3. Excessive Details

Please note this one tip - there are in fact several fonts which have extreme details near the tail or the head and these details can be caught between the pixels of the video you are creating. This can cause an irritating flicker.

This is something you will never want. So, choose fonts wisely - use those which have thick and clean lines. Remember that any flickering always distracts the viewers - not a good thing.

4. Motion Texts

If you are using motion texts, you need to make sure that the motion and the font of the text used can stay side by side with the aesthetics of the entire video. This is to ensure the video stays as a complete, professional looking package and that it can grab the attention of the viewers.

You can play with motion texts in your video editor

5. How About The Graphics?

Graphics is a very broad word - it can actually be anything. It can be 3D text, the background image or anything. Again, you need to keep in mind that whatever you are using needs to have a meaning. It is also always good to use simple and effective graphics which have meaning relevant to the video and which can be easily comprehended.


This article has shown you how to edit titles and graphics in your video. You need to always have a clear concept of what you are trying to achieve with your video, then blend in the text and graphics accordingly to support your story. This will ensure the final video output that you create is something that your audience would love to watch

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