How To Make Your
Own Video Site

If you've been thinking about making your own video site, you're not alone, my friend.

Many folks have asked me how they can go about creating a site of their own to host their very own videos.

In this article, I'll give you the instructions for doing so. Read it and I guarantee you won't be so perplexed by the process anymore - it's really simpler than it looks.

1. Capture Some Good Video

The first step to making your own video site is to capture some good video. Video that is suitable for the Web is different from conventional video. For example, you should shoot video in short clips and make sure that you use compression to ensure the video is small enough for upload and viewing on the Web. Check out some good tips on shooting video for the web over here.

Learn to make your own video site

2. Select A Good Web Host

The second step for making your own video site is to select a good web host. the importance of a good web host cannot be overemphasized. I've seen some web hosts which are very unstable, resulting in system crashes or outages. If you're looking for some good sites to host your video, consider a rock solid web host like this one which I use.

3. Convert The Video Into A Web Friendly Format

You know that video which you captured off your camcorder into your computer? Well, to view it on the web, you can't just upload a 100 MB video file into your web host. That's way too large. What you need to do is to compress the video into a format that's compact enough for upload and for streaming over the web, just like those videos you see on YouTube.

Typically, the video files streaming over YouTube are Flash files, so you got to convert your video (e.g. AVI) files into Flash (SWF) files. Here's a good tool for doing this kind of conversion.

4. Upload Your Video

Once the video has been converted to a web-friendly format, the next step in making your own video site is to upload the video. If you're using a domain of your own, you'll need an FTP program to upload the files onto the site. The procedure for doing this usually requires you to specify the FTP user name and password into your web site account.


And that's it! Some simple steps for making your own video web site. If you've been meaning to create your own video web site but was not sure how to do it, follow the above steps to complete the task. Hosting the video on your own web site allows you extremely flexibility as you're not bound by the rules or stringent content or storage limits imposed by sites like YouTube or other video sharing sites.

An Easy-to-Use Video Editing Program

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