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Microsoft Video Editing Software - Is It Any Good?

Need to learn more about Microsoft video editing software? No problem! This is the correct place to find out more.


Microsoft has always been touting Microsoft Movie Maker as the video editor of choice in Windows operating systems.

Now, I'd say Microsoft Movie Maker is a solid entry-level program to help cut your teeth into video editing. It's not as powerful as Corel VideoStudio or Adobe Premiere Elements, but it does hold its own in various aspects.

Read on to find out what Microsoft Movie Maker can and cannot do.

1. Overview

What can this Microsoft video editing software do? Lots of things. You can import video from a device such as a camcorder into the program. You can take any clip imported and drag and drop it anywhere on the video timeline. You can also apply stuff like titles, credits news banners, or spinning newspaper animations, among others.

Windows Movie Maker video editing software

2. Importing Video Files

Importing video from a device into the Microsoft video editing software program is a breeze. You simply choose to Capture Video (from camera, scanner or other device) or Import into Collections to import existing video files into the user's collections. The accepted formats for import are .WMV/.ASF, .MPG (MPEG-1), .AVI (DV-AVI), .WMA, .WAV, and .MP3.

3. Quick Editing Features

The Microsoft video editing software ensures that after capturing the video, any clip can be dragged and dropped anywhere on the timeline. Once on the timeline, clips can be duplicated or split, and any of the split sections deleted or copied using the standard Windows keyboard shortcuts or clicked and dragged to another position. Right-clicking any clip brings up the range of editing options. An AutoMovie feature offers predefined editing styles (titles, effects and transitions) for quickly creating movies. Powerful stuff.

4. Special Effects

The latest Microsoft video editing software contains 49 effects and 63 transitions. These effects are applied by using a drag and drop interface from the effects or transitions folders. Titles and credits can be added as stand alone titles or overlaying them on the clip by adding them onto the selected clip. Titles range from static (non-animated) titles to fly in, fading, news banner, or spinning newspaper animations. Very good for a free program.

5. And That's A Wrap!

I hope the above gives you a better idea of what Microsoft video editing software is capable of doing. It is no doubt not as powerful as something like Adobe Premiere Pro, but it does come into its own when the user is in need of a quick edit and production of a home video.

Click here to download Windows Movie Maker for free.

If you're interested, I've also got an easy-to-follow tutorial on how to make movie with Microsoft video editing software.

The All-In-One Video Editing Program

Frustrated by your video editing efforts? You try your best but just can't produce a professional looking movie? Well, then check out Movavi Video Suite. This all-in-one package contains powerful yet easy-to-use tools for any video processing need - edit, enhance, convert and share. You can easily create brilliant movies by adding special effects and convert your video into any of 170+ video formats, or burn it to Blu-ray Disc & DVD.

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