The Biggest Reason Why People Don't
Edit Their Videos

You know, I've noticed that many people like shooting videos, but not many of them take the time to edit or package them nicely. Why is this so?

Well, I'm convinced the problem is the time it takes to get video into the computer. It's still a huge chore for us to import video into a computer, fire up the video editing software and add effects, etc.

In this this article, I'd like to explore this phenomenon and attempts to come up with some solutions.

1. Importing Video Into A PC Is Still A Chore

Importing video into a PC or laptop is typically done via a FireWire card. You need to fire up a video editing program, hook up the video camcorder to the PC, then click an Import button to start the process. It's quite similar in the Mac world.

This process, unfortunately, has not changed over the years. It's still quite a chore to get video into a PC for editing.

I think the mainstream consumer or someone getting their feet wet with video editing would LOVE a solution that allows quick import of video into a PC.

2. Why Are Video Editing Apps So Popular?

I notice that video editing apps have been hitting the top download lists in the Apple and Android app stores.

I think this is because people like CONVENIENCE. Just whip out the phone and snap a photo or a video.  That's so much easier than taking out a digital camera or camcorder. I'll bet smartphones have caused camera and camcorder sales to drop over the years.

Video editing apps have got it right. I've seen many "non-video editing" friends get into video editing because of simple video apps on their phones - allowing them to insert simple effects like transitions and cartoon effects.

3. Where Are We Headed?

Personally, I think we are past the age of manual cables and connectors.

The ideal video editing solution for me would be a cloud-based solution. Shoot a video in your camcorder or smartphone and it auto synchs into something like a Dropbox.

You can then pick it up on your PC, smartphone, tablet or some other device to do video editing work.


In summary, manual cables and connections are inconvenient and turn off many would-be video enthusiasts.

And they are the biggest reason why people don't edit their videos.

Smartphones, on the other hand, have got it right in terms of user convenience - the shoot and edit process us easy and seamless.

The industry should look towards moving beyond this - into "cloud-based" video editing services. That'll convert millions of people to the video editing hobby!

And that's all I have for now. Until next time, happy video editing!