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Top 5 DVD Burners

DVD burners are all the rage now. Just look at the units flying off the shelves worldwide. The reason? They can allow you to burn DVDs of 4.7 GB capacity. That's more than seven times the capacity of a normal CD!


DVDs are useful for storing home movies, MP3 music files, or simply archiving files from your computer. For video enthusiasts, it is an especially important tool in your video editing setup because an average home video can run into hundreds of megabytes in size.

DVD writers come in many formats catering to different standards--DVD-R, DVD-RW, DVD+R, and DVD+RW. Confusing? Well, these standards simply translate to different types of DVD format supported by commercial DVD players.

If you're in the market for a DVD writer, you'll want to make sure you select one that enables you to view the recorded DVDs. You wouldn't want to get a DVD+R drive if your DVD player supports only DVD-R.

To help you in choosing a good DVD burner, I've rounded up five of the latest options below.


Sony DRU720A

The Sony DRU720A DVD burner is a solid drive that has read speeds of 16x (DVD), and 40x (CD). Write speeds are 12x (DVD+R), 16x (DVD-R), 4x (DVD+R DL) and 48x (CD). The drive supports Double Layer DVD discs so you can record up to 4 hours of video on an 8.5 GB disc. The drive is also bundled with very nice software, including NeroVision Express DVD, Nero Burning ROM and Nero Showtime.

Plextor PX-716A

Plextor has long been known as one of leaders in CD/DVD peripheral technology. The Plextor PX-716A boasts read speeds of 16x (DVD) and 48x (CD). Its write speeds are 16x (DVD+R), 16x (DVD-R), 4x (DVD+R DL) and 48x (CD). Like the Sony DRU720A, Double Layer DVD discs are also supported. This drive is certainly one of the fastest drives in this list and is highly recommended. Be prepared to pay a premium in price though.


The LG GSA4163B is a good performer that gives you read speeds of 16x (DVD) and 40x (CD). Write speeds are published as 16x (DVD+R), 16x (DVD-R), 4x (DVD+R DL) and 40x (CD). I've tested this unit and it supports an amazingly wide range of DVD media (some drives refuse to burn on specific brands of DVD discs). On the whole, a good buy and certainly one to check out if you're out shopping.

NEC ND-3540A

NEC is recognized as a leader in optical technology, producing an impressive line of DVD writers. The ND-3540A has read speeds of 16x (DVD) and 48x (CD), as well as write speeds of 16x (DVD+R), 16x (DVD-R) and 48x (CD). This speedy drive is also the first to support the latest DVD-R DL media.

HP LightScribe DVD640I

The HP LightScribe DVD640I is a capable internal DVD writer with LightScribe direct disc labeling technology. The drive boasts read speeds of 16x (DVD) and 40x (CD), as well as write speeds of 8x (DVD-R), 16x (DVD+R), 2.4x (DVD+R DL) and 40x (CD). The LightScribe feature allows you to burn customized labels directly to LightScribe discs - for a neat, professional look.


Out of the above list, I'd personally recommend either the Sony DRU720A or the HP LightScribe DVD640I. Although the price tag will go up a little, I find the feature set and performance to be best in these two drives. In any case, always perform your own research before shelling out cash so that you can get the best DVD writer your money can buy.

The All-In-One Video Editing Program

Frustrated by your video editing efforts? You and try but just can't produce a professional looking movie? Then you should check out Movavi Video Suite. This all-in-one package contains powerful yet easy-to-use tools for any video processing need - edit, enhance, convert and share. You can easily create brilliant movies by adding special effects and convert your video into any of 170+ video formats, or burn it to Blu-ray Disc & DVD.

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