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Ulead VideoStudio 9
Video Editing Software

Ulead VideoStudio 9 is a full featured video editing software program that is user friendly, as well as fast and efficient.


Developed by Ulead Systems, Ulead VideoStudio 9 is a very powerful application that allows the user to manipulate video in numerous creative ways.

This software is one of my favorite packages - it's definitely worth checking out if you're a beginner or intermediate level enthusiast.

Great Capture and Editing Functions

VideoStudio's capture and basic editing functions are unparalleled in the consumer space. It is the only program that can scan your DV tapes at 6X speed, identify scenes, and then batch-capture the scenes you select. Its multitrim tool, which lets you manually scan through a long file on disk and mark sections in and out, is another time-saver.

Nice Transitions and Special Effects

We've always liked VideoStudio's transitions and special effects, and Ulead has added several useful baubles in this release, like mask-based transitions, and flashback transitions that produce a glowing, dreamy look. You can now add Flash animations to the overlay track, creating your own or using canned animations that Ulead supplies.

Also new is the ability to distort your video to fit within Flash-based overlays, so you can rotate your video to fit in a tilted picture frame, for example. Though VideoStudio forces you to work within small filter control windows, you can set an unlimited number of key frames, providing fine creative control. Editing is aided by a huge preview window and FireWire output that lets you preview on a TV connected to your DV camcorder.

Auto Exposure Tool

VideoStudio's Auto Exposure tool successfully performed well with backlighted videos, and the Auto Level tool worked well with videos shot indoors under inadequate lighting, two very common problems.

Movie Wizard

The included Movie Wizard is a nice idea. It allows you to make a stylish movie by mixing up pan and zoom effects and transitions and synchronizing the slide show to the beat of the background music. You can choose from preset styles such as romantic, travel, celebration and more. Other features include:

  • 20+ Stylish Theme Templates - Choose from templates complete with music, titles and transitions

  • Auto Remove Poorly Shot Video - The Movie Wizard automatically identifies poorly shot video clips

  • Add Smart Pan and Zoom to Slideshows - Smart Pan and Zoom automatically recognizes key characteristics like faces and pans across and zooms in on details


The biggest deficit of Ulead VideoStudio 9 involves DVD authoring. Though the templates were good and customization options plentiful, Ulead doesn't save authoring input with the project file. So if you take an hour or so selecting chapter points, label your buttons and customize your titles, then burn the DVD and find a spelling error, you're back at square one.


Overall, Ulead VideoStudio 9 is one of the absolute best video editing
software programs available on the market today. The software is so easy to use, and the tutorial has been written with the end user in mind. Between the ease of use, and the powerful features of Ulead VideoStudio 9, even amateurs have the ability to make professional quality videos in no time.

An Easy-to-Use Video Editing Program

Pinnacle Studio is a popular video editing program that allows you to easily capture video from camcorders into your computer. You can add great-looking transitions, special effects and background music to your plain old home videos. Start converting your videos into Hollywood productions now!

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