"Video Editing Made Easy"

Simple Steps For Shooting and Editing
Your Very Own Digital Movies

If you've always struggled with video editing, I know exactly how you feel. Getting started in digital video editing is not a simple thing - you've to decide what camcorder to buy and what footage to shoot. After all that is done, you need to learn how to import the video into your computer, edit it with software and then burn it to a DVD.

That's definitely quite a handful for the beginner digital video enthusiast to grasp!

To help you understand how the video editing process works, I've created a guide called Video Editing Made Easy. This e-guide contains 28 pages of information showing you how to shoot, capture, import, edit and share your video step-by-step.

One important objective I had while writing the guide was to keep it simple.

Many books on video editing contain hundreds of pages which really overwhelm the reader. I wanted to give you just the essential steps for creating your own movie so you can get into action as quickly as possible.

It's not my intention to bombard you with a endless promotion page for my eBook. My aim is to provide quality content on video editing for my readers at a bargain price - that's it.

Table of Contents

Let's take a look at the table of contents for Video Editing Made Easy.

  • Introduction
  • What You'll Need
  • Overview of The Video Editing Process
  • Step 1: Capture Your Footage
  • Step 2: Edit Your Footage
  • Step 3: Enhance Your Video With Effects And Titles
  • Step 4: Record Your Video To DVD And Other Formats
  • Conclusion

Excerpts From Video Editing Made Easy

Here are some excerpts from selected chapters in the eBook:

What You'll Need

... The first thing you need is a good digital camcorder. There are many camcorder types out there, including those based on tape, mini-DVD, hard drive, flash storage and SD/SDHC card.

MiniDV tape camcorders are considered older equipment, but they are easy to archive and cheaper than Mini-DVD or storage-based models. Mini-DVD camcorders are also popular and allow you to just take the disc out of the camcorder and load the footage straight into a DVD set-top player.

Hard-drive and flash-drive camcorders are tapeless and DVD-less and are the wave of the future and are quite speedy and light compared to MiniDV and Mini-DVD camcorders ...

Step 1: Capture Your Footage

... One tip that I've picked up while shooting family vacations is to always, always look for a landmark, a sign or natural monument that tells the audience where you are. Do you notice the professionals do this as well? For example, in the movies, you may see the camera zooming in on the Statue of Liberty first, before cutting to a scene that happens within. Or there is a shot of the White House before the director cuts into a scene within the Oval Room. Another tip is to make the people you're filming talk or smile. This makes the whole video much more lively and interesting ...

Step 2: Edit Your Footage

... The good thing about Adobe Premiere Elements is the way the software shows the frame-by-frame sequence of your footage. Select each clip in turn and set the "in" and "out" points. These are the frames that mark where each video clip begins and ends. By setting these points, you're trimming the tops and tails from your clips to remove unwanted pieces ...

Step 3: Enhance Your Video With Effects And Titles

... My suggestion is to keep it simple and stick to straight cuts, dissolves, and the ever-popular "fade to black" ... You can also try out different types of "dissolves". A cross-dissolve fades out one clip as another clip fades in. An additive dissolve adds a second clip and then fades out the first one ...

Step 4: Record Your Video To DVD And Other Formats

... Some folks are beginning to explore capturing HD video and burning them to Blu-Ray discs. This is a good option - I've seen the resulting video quality - and it is fabulous. However, as with all new technologies, expect to pay more both for your HD camcorder and your Blu-ray disc burner.

Another option when it comes to sharing video is to upload it the web for sharing. YouTube is one obvious place to upload your videos too ...

“Want To Take A Sneak Peak
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Well, I know you’ll want to see some sample content from the eBook, so I’ve created special excerpts which you can access here:

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I think you’ll agree you have an incredible deal on your hands. Purchase the eBook for $19.95 and you will have a reference guide that will save you many hours of frustration and headache in your video editing hobby.

Video editing is a really fun hobby and I want people to succeed in it. With Video Editing Made Easy, you will spend more time having fun than scratching your head over video problems. Happy video editing!

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